Faithfully Remember the Past

Astute historians caution us about applying modern sensitivities to past cultures. For instance, we should not condemn the Roman Empire for its warlike proclivities, its version of slavery, and [...]

The End of the Beginning

My family owned a tailor shop in LaGrange, GA. My paternal grandfather, “Daddy Mike” Frosolono opened the shop in the 1920s. My father, Cecil Frosolono, and my paternal grandmother, [...]

Religious Freedom

Why do so many American Christians feel they are being persecuted as a result of the current furor over same sex marriage? The fervent “religious” opposition to same sex marriage and [...]

What’s Wrong With Our Educational System?

Public and private schools contributed to my formal education. My conservative brothers and sisters may insist that the public school experiences contaminated me and resulted in my liberalism on [...]

Teaching to the Test

Texas—where I live—and many other states place great value on so-called “high stakes testing” of students throughout the public school system. In these states, such tests have become the primary [...]

Heaven Can Wait

“Don’t you want to go to heaven?” This question came from the audience during a short devotion I presented several years ago on the topic of why we become and remain Christians. I stated the [...]

My Writing Life

I participate in the Köehler Author Forum on Facebook, which is limited to participants who are authors with Köehler Books. A recent topic on this forum focuses on why the participants became [...]

Unifying Symbols

The outpouring of solidarity, righteous anger, and commitment to freedoms of speech and the press exhibited in the recent Je suis Charlie demonstrations following the terroristic attacks in Paris [...]

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