Mike Frosolono


Mike – scholar, scientist, and professing active member of the Christian Community of Believers – is the author of 3 non-scientific books: Comfort & AfflictionBeyond Duty and Thoroughly Biased Opinions.


  • In Comfort and Affliction Rev. Eric Jameson puts on the armor of God (and Kevlar) to protect his church and his family. From pulpit to payback, this book won't let you down.

    John KoehlerPublisher
  • Mike Frosolono is a brilliant, insightful and amazingly energetic man, and those skills serve him exceedingly well in his commitment to his creative writing endeavors.

    Terry KayAuthor
  • I’ve been reading or listening to Mike Frosolono’s prose for over 40 years. At first I heard children’s stories about dragons and fairy princesses. Later, I loved the dinner time stories of academic research and corporate intrigue. He’s an excellent storyteller and a lover of a fine turn of phrase. His books bring his love of story and nuanced language to a broader audience.

    Anne-Marie SchultzProfessor, Baylor University
  • Mike Frosolono is a unique voice in the genres of fiction and religion. His writing illustrates and combines his experience as a scholar and scientist, and the passionate heart of a disciple. Mike's stories and essays courageously invite readers to clarify their own beliefs and behavior with honesty and in reference to the roots of their faith.

    Christina SellSan Marcos (TX) School of Yoga, Founder/Director
  • Many writers shy away from subjects they know little about, but Mike is not afraid to “consult” his military friends for ideas and expertise on subjects he wishes to inject in his books.

    Grady LovelessMaj. USMC (Ret.)

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