Mike Frosolono


Received an undergraduate degree with a full double major in Biology and Chemistry from LaGrange College, a United Methodist-affiliated college in LaGrange, GA, Mike’s hometown. He has an earned doctorate in Biochemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with 20 years experience each in basic academic biomedical research and in clinical research within the pharmaceutical industry that produced more than 125 articles in the scientific literature and several new pharmaceutical products. Mike has published 3 non-scientific books: Beyond DutyThoroughly Biased Opinions and Comfort & Affliction. Mike and his wife, Andrea Cheek Frosolono, worship at Grace Church in Buena Vista, CO and live with Christina Frosolono Sell and Kelly Sell with frequent visits from Anne-Marie Frosolono Schultz and Jeff Schultz.

Mike’s Work

Beyond Duty
Comfort & Affliction
Thoroughly Biased Opinions